Hibiscus, a woody shrub that can pruned earlier in mild conditions. Obviously, be sensible with how far down you prune. In removing dead, diseased and damaged branches – the plants energy can focus on fewer stems where emerging buds form. Don’t worry about it looking dead, it always looks like that. The buds are the same colour as the stems.

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I'm Craft Gardener with several years experience. Due to the massive impact the internet has had on advice, forums and consultancy services - it seems knowledge and experience is everchanging and we should therefore share techniques and offer others alternative routes in pests, diseases and weed treatments. The very smallest alterations in aspect, soil conditioning and pruning can determine a plants vigour, health and lifespan hugely. My blogs and online assistance should motivate and interest even the most amateur of green fingered people. As my ex partner used to say "it's green isn't it"?